Tomsk Polytechnic University

Campus Life

All students are provided with accommodation in the University dormitories.
Upon arrival, the university representative will organize pick up service at the airport or railway station and will help you to get to the university campus.

Dormitory №19 

Address: 21/2 Usova street.
The dormitory is located 15 minute walk from the main TPU building and a big supermarket (“Food city), 7 minutes by bus from the city centre.

Dormitory №15

Address: ArkadiyaIvanova street, 8
The dormitory is located 5 minute walk from the main TPU building and a supermarket “Yarche” (Ярче); not far from the river Tom; 2 bus stops from a big supermarket (“Smile city”) and 5 minute by bus from the city centre.

Double or triple rooms are available in the dormitory №19 and single or double rooms in the dormitory №15.
All the rooms are equipped with beds, desks, wardrobes, bedside-tables, and central heating. Bed linen and bed linen laundering is provided.

There is a shared laundry and lounge.
The dormitories support personnel makes your life enjoyable and the security staff ensures your safety day-and-night.

Accommodation fee

Accommodation fee depends on the facilities available in a room.


Accommodation for students


 Fee (permonth), rubles


  A place in a room for three persons (beds, a wardrobe, tables)




  A place in a room for three persons (beds, a wardrobe, tables, a fridge)



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Accommodation will be automatically booked for each student applied before the deadline. Final placing will depend on the number of spare rooms.

There are two main dormitories for International students:

Accommodation fee

Double or 3-bed rooms cost from 850 to 1100 RUB per month approximately, depending on the room.

Each section (4 rooms) shares a shower and toilet.

Service and Computer Facilities 

Each room is equipped with beds, tables, wardrobes, chairs and bed-side tables.
The student is provided with a kettle, microwave, TV/fridge.

You can bring your own laptop and get a cable Internet connection in the room.
Cable Internet from TPU provider in the room costs approximately 350 RUB per month. 

The laundry facilities

Self-service Landry room (with coin-operated machines) is on a ground floor.

1 washing machinecycle costs 100 RUB, only use your own special laundry detergent for washing machine!
Studentsare provided with bed linen (changed every 10 days) and cooking utilities.

2 kitchens and study rooms are available on each floor;
Canteen "Friendship" with Chinese cuisine ison a ground floor.

Accommodation fee

Single room costs approximately 3600 RUB per month),

Double room (approximately 2700 RUB per month per person) in one section (sharing a shower and toilet).

Service and Computer Facilities

Each room is equipped with a bed, wardrobe, computer table, chairs, and bed-side table.
The student is provided with a microwave, kettle, fridge, TV, lamp, telephone. Direct Internet connection is possible in every room. It costs approximately 350 RUB /month.
Dormitories cleaning service is available once a week.

Landry service is on a ground floor.
Landry service costs 35 RUB per kilo with drying.

Gymand study room available on a ground floor.
There’s one kitchen on each floor.